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The Wisdom of Plato Negro: Parable of Evil in the World

Parable of Evil in the World

We are soon coming to the end of evil in the universe. There are light waves in the atmosphere acting upon the consciousness of all living things, humans, plants and animals, even the rocks and mountains, oceans, seas and rivers shall throw off all wickedness in high places and low places. It is the time of the Aboriginal people of the earth to take control since they are the only human beings capable of living in the age of divine light.

The people who walk in darkness shall return to their black holes in the universe, far away from earth which is not their original home. In this coming age of light and love, all evil shall not be allowed to hang around for one micro second. It must go from the earth since it is not the original home of evil beings. They had their time and must depart somewhere away from the aboriginal people of light and love.

All those beings that practice evil, hatred, lies, greed, murder, fear, doubt, envy, jealousy shall not enter the new era of light and love. Only those who possess higher spiritual consciousness shall walk the earth. Those of animal or lower consciousness shall be taken away in the storm of light entering from the cosmos.

We see the sea level is rising to erase the evil ones from the earth, the ones full of desire for things, rocks, animal skins, plastic toys and cars, endless trinkets of the lower mind that is afraid to advance itself into the upper room of consciousness.

The women who are attracted to the allusions of this world shall not enter the new consciousness, nor shall their husbands who are hostage to their wives’ quest to satisfy their devil lust for conspicuous consumption. These women are not only collaborators with the devil but may be so full of evil that they cannot raise themselves to the new consciousness of light and love. They are like Sarah, wife of Prophet Lot, who was ordered to leave the wicked town and not look back, but her magnetic attraction to evil forced her to turn around and thus she became a pillar of salt.

It will not matter how men and women profess their love of each other, for so long as they maintain the desire to do anything to obtain the illusions of this world, to harbor selfishness, greed, lust, hatred, lies and murder, their so-called love shall be of no value in the era of high consciousness that is eminent.

We can see from the political-religious wars on the planet, mainly those practiced by Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists, that religion shall not be practiced in the era of light and love. Those who practice religion shall be the first to disappear from the earth when the fullness of light enters from the cosmos. Their religions have made them practice mass murder upon each other and other sects within their religions, thus they have disqualified themselves from the life of divine light and love.

The religious people have defied all their prophets, saviors and messiahs. They have done the complete opposite of the prophetic message. At this very hour the Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims are murdering each other in the Middle East and Far East. None of them can claim divine consciousness; rather they are devils shielding their evil behind the name of God. Thus, they cannot be permitted to enter the new era. Such ignorance cannot be allowed among those of true light and love.

The religious devils shall be taken up into a whirlwind and dispersed to some planet where they can dwell in their wickedness and hypocrisy until they learn the civility of spirituality, simple human kindness their holy books tried to instruct, yet they were hard of hearing and there was pride in their hearts. They wanted to covet God for themselves, their tribes, nations, ethnic groups, genders and sects. They have killed to worship God in this manner, causing blood to flow upon the earth. And thus they must eternally weep, mourn, wail and continue their slaughter until they are taken away to a place for the security of the universe. There is a place in space for them. Shall they return to the black hole or perhaps some dead planet like themselves?

The earth shall return to the Aboriginal beings of light and love. No material weapons, no amount of propaganda and lies shall prevent the resurrection of the Aboriginal people, who are the only natural inhabitants of earth.

We see President Obama entering the White House, not for the first time since he built the White House, was the architect of the White House, thus the universe made way for him to return home to the house of royalty. The devils cannot harm him, although they may afflict him in the manner of Job. Michelle may cry out to him, “Curse God and die.”

But he will keep the faith and enter the upper room of light and love. The beings of higher consciousness shall walk with him as he takes authority of the universe, checking the power of evil and wickedness.

Marvin X is Plato teaching on the streets of Oakland.

-Ishmael Reed

The Wisdom of Plato Negro Parables/Fables

Marvin X

He’s the USA’s Rumi! The wisdom of Saadi! The ecstasy of Hafiz!—Bob Holman

Jeremiah, I presume! –Rudolph Lewis

from The Wisdom of Plato Negro, Parables/fables by Marvin X, Black Bird Press, 1222 Dwight Way, Berkeley CA 94702, $19.95, 195 pages.,

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