Monday, December 2, 2013

Do You remember when we were ignut students, especially at white colleges and universities?

Comrades, do you remember when we were ignut students, especially in white academia? We thought we knew everything, especially after taking a few classes in white supremacy civilization. We just knew our parents were stupid and ignut and we were the wisest of all people, our youth blinding us to reality as we proceeded to become edumaked in white supremacy mythology. Those of you who attended San Francisco State College/University, surely can recall how we played bid whist in the cafeteria and totally disrespected the Nation of Islam's Brother Edward who was trying to get us deaf, dumb and blind students to get an understanding of our Aboriginal mythology. We cursed and some of us wanted to spit on Brother Edward, a man who almost single handedly recruited a generation of Muslims from San Francisco State U, UC Berkeley, San Jose State U and other bay area colleges and universities. Those of us who finally heeded Brother Edward and made our way into the Nation of Islam should forever honor and respect Ancestor Brother Edward for saving us from being eternally deaf dumb and blind.

As per the white man's teachings, we were guilty as black students of today who were best described by Amiri Baraka, "We send them to colleges and universities and they come back hating us and everything we're about, except they don't know what we're about!"

And so it is, today's students are so "bright" they know absolutely everything and their networking is "original" and must be accepted by OGs who are totally out of the loop in the present era.

It is as though our knowledge of the past is of no use, since we know nothing and our little children fresh out of the womb know everything, especially those taught by white perverts and anti-lifers who favor global drone murder and NSA spying on American citizens. Of course the so called Negro tenured professors fare no better since they can only be described as a motley crew of intellectuals in perpetual crisis, chasing dysfunctional African wisdom and Anceint bones around the pyramids, in the process neglecting dry bones in the hoods suffering homicide and the New Jew Crow.

There is little or no program for Dry Bones so he languishes in jail and prison cells, while his natural mate suffers identity crisis and a mate crisis, even while acquiring the best of  white supremacy edumakion, B.A., M.A., MBA, PhD, etc.

As my dad (RIP) said of me and my generation, we were so smart we outsmarted ourselves, we say of the present generation, and this is indeed one of our smartest generations, after all they are products of the information age, they can goole the world on their cell phone. Some of the books that took us twenty years to read, they read in one semester.

True, this generation has a plethora of millionaires and even billionaires, a few can be called conscious but most are simply capitalist exploiters who care not if their products are made from slave labor. They make tennis shoes for 50 cents then sell them in the hood for $200.00, some youth are killed for their gear.

Comrades, we who are now 70, 80 years old, know we have changed some of our thinking and acting since we were in our twenties. Just remember how arrogant and boastful we were, our abysmal level of ignunce. We can be proud our generation took our liberation to a higher level. We now pass the baton to the present generation and hope they will avoid some of our pitfalls and especially our contradictions.
--Marvin X

Marvin X (Jackmon) came into black consciousness as a student at Oakland's Merritt College, along with fellow students Huey Newton and Bobby Seale. Marvin, Huey, Bobby and other students such as Ernest Allen, Maurice Dawson, Kenny Freeman, Carol Freeman, Richard Thorne, Ann Williams, Isaac Moore, et al., studied in peer groups independent of the college that had few classes on anything Black.
This group of students were influenced by the African American Association, headed by Donald Warden, Esq, aka Khalid Abdullah Tariq Al Mansour.

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