Monday, December 30, 2013

Fresno ready to recover from the addiction to white supremacy type II!

The North American Africans in Fresno, CA appear ready to recover from the addiction to white supremacy type II. According to remarks made at the Kwanza celebration at the African American Museum, the president of the local chapter of the NAACP, Pamela Young-King, will invite Marvin X to set up a workshop series based on his book How to Recover from the Addiction to White Supremacy, a manual for a 13 step mental health peer group. It was the consensus of those present at Kwanza that there is a pressing community need to detox and recover from the vicious and cunning virus of white supremacy type II as defined by Dr. Nathan Hare in his foreword to Dr. M's manual:

 Much in the manner of Hegel in his essay on “Master and Slave,” Marvin senses that the oppressor distorts his own mind as well as the mind of the oppressed. Hence Type I and Type II White Supremacy Addiction. White sociologists and the late black psychologist, Bobby Wright, converged in their findings of pathological personality traits (“the authoritarian personality” and “the racial psychopathic personality,” as Bobby put it).

But if Hegel was correct in his notion that the oppressor cannot free the slave, that the slave must force the oppressor’s hand, then it is Type II White Supremacy Addiction which if not more resistant to cure, must occupy our primary focus. Type II White Supremacy may be seen as a kind of “niggeritis” or “Negrofication” growing out of an over-identification with the master, who is white. As in any disorder severity of symptoms may vary from mild to moderate or severe.  

As Frantz Fanon put it when he spoke for the brother with jungle fever in Black Skin, White Mask: “I wish to be regarded as white. If I can be loved by the white woman who is loved by the white man, then I am white like the white man; I am a full human being.” In the twisted mental convolution of a brother in black skin behind a white mask, Fanon observed a “Negro dependency complex” independently chronicled in my own Black Anglo Saxons (black individuals with white minds in black bodies). They struggle to look, think, talk and walk white by day, then go to sleep at night and dream that they will wake up white. They refuse to realize that no matter what they may ever do they will never get out of the black race alive.

On the other hand, you are going to be seeing “nouveau blacks” and lesser Afrocentrics -- who faithfully and unquestionably follow twelve-month years and endeavor even to blackenize the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ -- jumping up to question Dr. M’s re-africanization of the “Twelve Steps” model for “using the Eurocentric twelve steps,” but they forget  that the very effort to be practical and collective is the original African way.  In any event, we must build on whites as whites have built on us, taking the best of the West and leaving the rest alone.  But Dr. M has expressly and creatively added a thirteenth step; for his goal is not just recovery but discovery, his goal is not just to change the individual but to change the individual to get ready to change the world. --Dr. Nathan Hare, PhD.

The North American Africans of Fresno will be invited to register for the 13 week workshop during Marvin X's appearance in Fresno on Saturday, February 22, 3pm at the Hinton Center.  The NAACP with host a reading and conversation with the poet/essayist/philosopher who is called Plato teaching on the streets of Oakland (Ishmael Reed), the USA's Rumi (Bob Holman), Mark Twain (Rudolph Lewis), the new Malcolm X (Jerri Lange).

On February 28, March 1-2, 2014, Marvin X will co-produce, along with Kim McMillan, a conference on the Black Arts Movement ( the most radical artistic and literary movement in American history) at the University of California, Merced.

For more information call 510-200-4164, email Marvin X at




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