Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Farewell Soldier Mandela

So long soldier
warrior man strong
move history forward
confound the wicked
the job is still ahead
free the land
share the wealth
can we eat tonight
do we read in the dark
what about revolutionary millionaires
overnight billionaires
revolution was for money
for a few
twenty years have gone
for some the dream is dead
is this the New Africa
why do the boys rape
think they own the pussy
some apartheid notion
male supremacy
women are human beings
not rag dolls for the joy of men
how would you feel if your daughter was raped
your sister?

We want the New Africa
Yes, the Mandela Africa
Africa rising to freedom
beyond corruption
religious tribal madness
narrow minded

he paid the price
in the dungeon of the wicked
transcended the prison of the mind
opened the vail for the world
look at the people wailing
yet fighting
to be free.
We salute you soldier
Peace be with you.
--Marvin X

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