Monday, December 30, 2013

Meeting format to recover from the addiction to white supremacy type II


Based on the book by Dr. M (Marvin X) How to Recover from the Addiction to White Supremacy, foreword by Dr. Nathan Hare, afterword by Ptah Allah El (Tracy Mitchell),
Black Bird Press, Berkeley CA, 2008.

The facilitator should use this format to stay focused in a timely manner, to maintain order and yet allow for the free expression on the people. This meeting is thus a sacred space and time for people to vent and begin the long process of recovery from addiction to white supremacy/lunacy. Anyone can, should and must become a meeting facilitator.

1. Welcome. Welcome to the Pan African Mental Health Peer Group to recover from the addiction to white supremacy/lunacy. My name is ___________________. I am recovering from the adduction to white supremacy.

2. Group response: Hotep, Salaam_________________.

3. I am your facilitator for this meeting. Please join me in prayer and medication, especially for all those persons suffering from the addiction to white supremacy around the world. . I will read the poem What If on page 97 of our text.

4. Definition of White Supremacy: a form of domination and exploitation. White supremacy can be in white face, black face, or any other color, male or female. White supremacy is a drug so pervasive that even when we think we are cured, the ravages and residue appear, affecting our thinking and behavior, social relations and interaction in the home, on the job, at religious worship, social and cultural events. In short, this drug is sometimes tasteless, colorless, yet cunning and vile. We think we are cured, yet a slip of the tongue proves the illness has reappeared, often suddenly without the slightest indication.

5. Will a volunteer please read the Thirteen Steps taken from our text. See table of contents.

6. A telephone list is being circulated; please add your name, address, phone and email. Indicate if you are available to mentor another brother or sister in recovery from white supremacy. Please take numbers if you wish. The telephone is a means of gaining the needed support from each other between meetings. Email also.

7. Donations. It is now time for donations since we cannot support our recovery without the proper finances to sustain the meeting such as rent, printing of literature, refreshments and the like. However, just give what you can.

8. Check-in. The meeting is open for check-in. Please limit your talk to five minutes so everyone gets a chance to share. In this meeting we discourage cross talk. Cross talk is defined as commenting, interrupting, criticizing or giving advice on another person’s share. We need a safe and supportive place to discuss our feelings and cross talk can be very hurtful and humiliating. Thank you. Who would like to begin the check-in?

9. Someone volunteer to read the Step of the present meeting.

10. Speaker. At this time I would like to introduce the speaker who will talk for twenty minutes on the present Step.

11. Discussion. The session is now open for discussion and comments.

12. Closing prayer. Read Step 7, page 78 or any prayer you desire.

13. Next meeting date and any reading assignments.

For more information or to invite Marvin X to establish a Pan African mental health peer group in your community, please call 510-200-4164, email

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