Sunday, December 8, 2013

Marvin X poem for Miles Davis - Sketches of Spain

I am Othello
loving Desdemona
so in love
Iago will take me out for sure
but for now
Desdemona is my queen
I am the Moor
who came to Spain 711
crossing the Strait of Gibraltar
the Rock of the African Warrior Tarik
who cross into Spain
staying a thousand years
there is no Spain except for the Moors
Granada Seville Toledo
the Moors were there
guiding  savages from darkness of the Middle Ages
our scholars enabled the European Renaissance
and yet you never heard of Timbuktu?

Even now you come to my Academy of da Corner
downtown Oakland
you marvel at the tables of consciousness
confess ignorance asking mercy
ignorance is no sin
it is the desire to remain ignorant
this is sinful.
--Marvin X

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