Sunday, December 8, 2013

Marvin X poem for My Favorite Things - John Coltrane

Dear John
St. John of the Negro Crucifixion
John of the resurrection
John of the ascension
Dear John
Thank you for salvation music
resurrection music
healing our wretched souls
you saved us
we were almost gone
at the precipice
you  sang to us
keep the faith til we win the race
Yes, St. John of the Negro Cross
Negro is Jesus
who else claim no cross no crown?
Our buddy Sun Ra taught us
dance beyond the cross
Sunny said he didn't come here to play Jesus
Sunny slipped away to outter space
Sing to us St. John
wail and moan and praise
dance sing laugh
even with loss of memory
we remember
somewhere beyond physics
we live in holiness
yes, beyond wretchedness
ignorance squalor in ignorance
we stand to your music
touching us in the jugular vein
St. John
sing to us those warrior songs
marching us to war Sonny said
armies march to music Maavin
Sonny said
Come St. John of the cross
St. John of the Crucifixion
save us from the devil
whispering into the hearts of men and women.

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