Thursday, December 5, 2013

Poem by Marvin X: I Am Nelson Mandela

I am Nelson Mandela
I was jailed a thousand years
for thinking a thought called freedom
a thousand years of jail did not taint me one bit
my will is solid
confinement is heaven
I listen to the stars
they guild me to freedom
I smell the moon
keeping my balance
like Harriet Tubman
I could have freed more
if they had known they were slaves
and yet my task was not only slaves
but slave masters as well
Yes, I had to free them of their freedom
freedom to hate
freedom to dominate
freedom to desecrate
full human beings
from the very beginning of humanity
Call us Kafirs
Call us niggers
all the same
the attitude is the same
Israel USA South Africa
Mandela tried to find a better way
Israel is like a kosher hog loving slop
persisting in her inordinacy
blindly wandering on
America the same
kissing the jews asshole
chosen people?
Jesus told you who they are
liars and murderers
"If God were your Father
you would love me
but you seek to kill me
because I tell you the truth"

Apartheid left South Africa
landed in Jerusalem
in the USA
call it the New Jim Crow
the slave system
under the US Constitution
involuntary servitude
Nelson knew it well
the cell of solitude
the cell of wonder
a thousand years of chains
no wife
no children
to hug and kiss
only destruction by oppressors
as they destroyed themselves
the world of make believe
and Baldwin told me
The murder of my child
will not make your child safe!
They understand no part of nothing
understanding transcends the mentality of white supremacy type I
We must overcome white supremacy type II
Nelson did
slave mentality
fear is the worst thing
trembling in the boots
crisis in the mind
mental paralysis
political and sexual
Dr. Julia Hare taught us
and we pray for her health
as we write.
But Nelson was our dream
we knew the pass system
even here in the Bay
they stopped every nigguh
gave him a pass
the Bay was Apartheid in motion
most never knew this
as they hunted for Patty Hurst and the Zebra killers
Apartheid in America
give me a brake
Apartheid in the schools
eating out
calling for help at the door of white supremacy
knocking in the night when our car crashed

We saw Nelson when he came to Los Angeles
when he came to the Oakland Coliseum
my daughters Nefertiti and Amira
Muhammida just came from Lagos and Accra
says she's out of America
no America for her
She shall be part of the New Africa
the new light of the world
she refuses to be a North American African
caught in the American slave system
Dad, they may not have constant lights and water
in Lagos and Accra
but they don't lynch American Africans on a constant basis
they are not shot in Lagos and Accra for walking while Black
for shopping while black
for loving while black!
Free all political prisoners in America and Africa
Asia and Latin America
Free all the Nelson Mandelas in Angola Attica and Pelican Bay
Free Ruchell Magee
Free  Mumia Abu Jamal
Free Imam Jamil Al-Amin
General Amnesty for the 2.4 million Africans in the American slave system
Ed Howard term!

--Marvin X

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