Friday, January 3, 2014

Again the Kora

The Kora taught me
listen to the Blues
but listen with eyes behind your head
third eye listen
Blues take you beyond
Ali Farka played the Blues they sad
Ali said go beyond America
go ten thousand years
let the griot tell you stories of myth and reality
let the Kora speak
let the Griot speak
it is the sweet music of a soul in peace
we sit at the tribal fire
we dance
Kora takes us there
men know they are men
they manhood train
women too
no struggle no fight
manhood ritual works
solid men stand tall
the women say
I hate a weak nigguh
women say
I hate a weak nigguh
young girls say the same
No man can miss the lesson
Manhood training
conquer the self
greatest Jihad
the self
man in the mirror
what is your bliss?
Follow your bliss
Campbell said
marriage is the end all
a good job not enough
what is your mission
beyond money pussy dope
greed lust jealousy envy
take the wood for the fire place
burn wood burn
burn my garbage burden on my back
destroyed my kingdom
took me from the Upper Room
to the dungeon
after all my labor under the sun
demons confounded me
demons were music in my ears
illusions convinced me
lies were truth
I am Othello
the devil whispers in my ear
I listen and I am destroyed.
--Marvin X

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