Friday, January 24, 2014

Elizabeth Catlett Exhibition opens today, 24 January-- 25 February, 2014

ELIZABETH CATLETT EXHIBITION.... today JUNE KELLY GALLERY Address: 166 Mercer St, New York, NY 10012 Phone:(212) 226-1660 Exhibition Dates: 24 January – 25 February 2014 REMEMBERING ELIZABETH CATLETT
Sculpture, Paintings and Prints
A memorial exhibition of the art of the late Elizabeth Catlett; including wood, stone and bronze sculptures for which she is best known, will open at the June Kelly Gallery, 166 Mercer Street, on January 24.
The exhibition, in collaboration with the Ellen Sragow Gallery, will also show examples of Catlett’s 
paintings and prints. It will continue through February 25.

Entitled Remembering Elizabeth Catlett, the exhibition recalls the distinctive vision and sculptural skill and style that Catlett demonstrated throughout her career – from her first prize in sculpture, a limestone Mother and Child, at the 1940 American Negro Exposition in Chicago, to Torso, a spare abstract figure 
of a female form in black marble at her 2009 gallery exhibition in New York.

Regardless of medium, Catlett’s work celebrates African-American identity and chronicles the black experience. Most often, it is the beauty of the female form to which she pays homage, in the earlier years endowing it with maternal compassion and tenderness, later unveiling the sensuality of the physical form, giving it a dignity and an independence in posture, her head uplifted and eyes gazing steadily forward.

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