Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Call for Submissions for a Black Arts West Anthology of Poems for Amiri Baraka, Edited by Marvin X


Marvin, with the passing of our beloved Amiri Baraka, flooding tears started coming into our work. However, just as The Creator & Ancestors would have it, Amiri has left us all with a song to carry along. As such, I saw your Call To Action for Poets to submit poetry in honor of him.

Seeing that you are asking for the donation of $100 from Poets to help with the publication costs, & knowing that this might be a hardship for some (me included), may I suggest that you consider putting together an Amiri Baraka Poetry Festival @ different locations here on the West Coast to be used as a fundraiser for the book publication project? 

I see the emerging of new works resulting from this effort: namely, a national and international tour of a lineup of Poets & Musicians, live recordings for sale to the general public, & appearances of those who participate in the tour working as much as they want to revitalize the Black Arts Movement & keep it forever more front & center in the hearts.

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