Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Mrs. Amina Baraka on Amiri Baraka

 Mrs. Amina Baraka

Mrs. Amina Baraka and Malika Iman

In a phone conversation with Marvin X, Mrs. Amina Baraka said the condition of her husband is not getting better. He is on dialysis and still fighting pneumonia. "We can't let capitalism take him out. Marvin you gotta come back here. You know he will get up if you come cause he ain't gonna let you get the last word. You know how he is! Plus, I want to slap him again and tell him some things that're on my mind. So please come, if you can. He still has not regained consciousness and the condition of his heart, liver and kidneys are not good. But we're not gonna let capitalism take him out--they want to take us all out but it ain't gonna happen! We will fight!"

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  1. I humbly send my love,respect and good energy to the Barakas