Friday, January 3, 2014

Let us continue in our prayers for the speedy recovery of Master Teacher and Godfather of BAM, Amiri Baraka

Fa salli li rabbika, So pray to your Lord! Sami Allahu liman hamida: He hears those who praise Him. Rabbanalaka al hamd: Our Lord to Thee is due all praise! 

The pen of a scholar is worth a thousand ignorant worshippers!--proverb

We talked with Mrs. Amina Baraka on the phone today. He is still suffering from pneumonia. Let us pray for our dear brother brought so much African culture and consciousness to the Black Nation.
--Marvin X
 Nisa Ra, Mrs. Amina Baraka and Muhammida El Muhajir

 Amina and Amiri. We think the babe in arms is the next Mayor of Newark, NJ, Ras Baraka below

The Dutchman is a manhood training ritual for Black Men. I directed and produced the Dutchman at Fresno State University with Hurriyah (Ethna X Wyatt) as Lula in black face and white wig, the BAM tradition.--Marvin X

Sonia Sanchez asks authors, "Will your book help free us?"

Askia Toure (Rolland Snellings) Godfather of BAM

Kim McMillan, Producer of the BAM Conference, along with co-producer Marvin X
and the University of California, Merced

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