Thursday, January 9, 2014

Whatchasay when ya can't say nothin'

How ya feel when ya brother go to the door of no return
when yo uncle go who gave ya manhood trainin' wit da Dutchman
the mythology of A Black Mass
who climbed up da hill with Myth of Sisyphus
up and down
who wrote the story of our tribe of Shabazz
who lived the terror
wife and children hid in the closet
National Guard in da house
wife terrified
you bastards
beat my husband bloody
I shall not be moved!
Sonia said resist resist resist!
And we shall
take my husband from me
we shall not be moved
killed my lesbian daughter and her lover
Shani said Marvin X the only man I like
Never seen a man cook breakfast
Told AB and Amina I want to marry Shani
Amiri said Marvin, you get drunk and say the damnest things
Next morning when I talked with Amina
Amina said Take Her!
we shall not be moved
shot my son in the head 357 Magnum
we shall not be moved
And we partied
808 S. Tenth Street
off Clinton
Marvin, go to the store
get me some Jack Daniels and Newports!
Sonia, I don't need to hold hands
forget that
Marvin, go to the store
get me some Jack Daniels and Newports!
Yeah, get Daemon something too
get yo friend something
he's up in his room writing
go on up there
Get him some Miller Lite
Daemon is up there
writing while the house is on fire
Dat's him
you know him as well as I do
what was that girl he was messing wit
at the Black House 1967
what was her name
Marvin, you was there, what was her name?
That damn Daemon
go to the store
Get my boyfriend Jack
I need Jack right now!

My brother is gone
My uncle is gone
My daddy is gone
departed the Miller Lite world of make believe
total illusion
the worst kind
dreams and dreams
MLK, Jr knocked on our door
what do you do when MLK, Jr. knocks
let him in or what?
Can you imagine?
What drama
what tragi-comedy
Oh what love
what lessons of love
sweetness of love
bitterness of love
no matter what
I'm a Mafia woman, Marvin
we don't leave our men
My daddy was in the Mafia Marvin
we don't leave our men
no matter what
I'm a Howard Street woman
we know Nathan Heard
Ain't no shame in my game
I was always black
didn't need of Black Arts
when dat nigguh came home to Newark
I was black
doing a black thang
my and my brother
when I met Amiri
I was black
better ax somebody
Didn't need no Black Arts to make me Black!
Howard Street made me Black!
His mama didn't like me cause I was black
my kids was black
yeah, my little picka ninny kids
Help me, Marvin
hold my hand
come make me laugh
like we used to do
laugh all night Marvin
you made us laugh all night Marvin
no matter the pain
you made us laugh all night
Jack Daniels laugh
Miller Lite laugh
Hennessy/Bailey's laugh
He said you let the elephant out laugh
Make us laugh Marvin
and he who laughs last
laughs the longest
C'mon Marvin
hold my hand
squeeze my hand
I want to laugh.


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