Saturday, January 25, 2014

Call for a West Coast Anthology of Poems for Amiri Baraka; The coldest winter ever, a poem for AB

Marvin X is calling for all West Coast poets to contribute poems to an anthology dedicated to the memory of Amiri Baraka, published by Black Bird Press, Berkeley, late 2014. Send poems, bio and pic to If possible, please include a $100.00 donation toward publication costs. Send checks to Black Bird Press, 1222 Dwight Way, Berkeley CA 94702. Call 510-200-4164 for more information. 

The Black Arts Movement Conference at University of California, Merced, Feb 28 thru March 2, 2014, will be a tribute to Amiri Baraka, Ras Baraka will participate. 

Bay Area folks are planning a tribute to Amiri Baraka at Eastside Arts Center ASAP. It will also be a fundraiser for his son, Ras Baraka, who is running for Mayor of Newark, New Jersey. 

The coldest winter ever
arctic freeze come south
atlanta 9 degrees january
Newark drifts flow to ground
like silent snow
tears fall
all for AB
old poet left us this winter
we are cold
naked in snow
hearts still
shock of it all
thought he would live forever
what foolish things confound minds
childish improprieties
no one has mastered death
come back to tell us all
tell us all
each time is something new
to understand to wonder why

how long shall we grieve this time
there is no closure ever
time is the master of life and death
where is my friend
are snow flakes his ashes drifting down
from some mystical heaven
letting us know he is still here
will be here forever
winter spring summer fall
snow flakes are all the words he left us
they shall not disappear
words beyond time
beyond seasons
beyond love and hate
they exist for the just and unjust.
unavoidable truths we shall discuss  debate
ponder marvel at the genius of this mind
who walked among us and departed
in the coldest winter ever.
--Marvin X
Newark, NJ

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