Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Black Arts Movement and the United Front as taught by Amiri Baraka

Marvin X and Black Power Baby 2.0 Fred Hampton, Jr.

Marvin X says it is time to pass the baton to the next generation and let them do as they please. We shall guide them when and only when they ask for guidance! If they make mistakes, so what, didn't we make mistakes? Let us be there to lift them up and wash them off so they can continue until the revolution is won! 

When my grandson was three years old, as we were walking down to Oakland's Lake Merritt, out of the blue he said to me, 
"Grandpa, you can't save the world but I can!"

Top students of Marvin X's Academy of da Corner, Aries Jordan and Toya Williams
both students published their own books under the guidance of Master Teacher Marvin X
at his Academy of da Corner, 14th and Broadway, downtown Oakland

Dr. Julia Hare, the female Malcolm X
see her on Tavis Smiley's State of the Black World on Youtube.com

Marvin X is in tune with the revolution in Syria, especially since his son Abdul El Muhajir ( Darrel P. Jackmon) won a Fulbright to study at the University of Damascus, Syria RIP! He graduated in Arabic and Middle Eastern literature, University of California, Berkeley, with graduate work at Harvard U.

Amiri Baraka and Marvin X share a happy moment at the Baraka house in Newark, New Jersey
I shall not name all the friends in my life, but Amiri Baraka was a brother like no other! Nobody helped me more than Amiri Baraka. This is the simple truth!--Marvin X/El Muhajir

Marvin X speaking at the last rites of his friend Amiri Baraka
As-Salaam Alaikum, Imamu Amiri Baraka

 Marvin X in Harlem, New York,Jan. 2044,  a reception in his honor hosted by Rashidah Ishmaili, Revolutionary Scholar/activist. Rashidah completed the New York University event organized by AB.

 AB performing with the living legend Henry Grimes. Marvin X performed with HG at the tribute for Jayne Cortez and Amiri Baraka, New York University, Feb 4, 2014.

Marvin X was highly honored to read with bassist Henry Grimes at the NYU tribute to AB.  Performing with Henry Grimes was like performing with God! Only thing, I was so busy reading my work I could not fully enjoy the mystical music of Henry beside me. But I felt him in my jugular vain

 Zena Allen, Black Arts Baby 2.0 accompanied Marvin X with his Again the Kora Poems

 Tarika Lewis, violinist, artist/activist, first female member of the Black Panther Party

 Earl Davis, Black Arts Movement trumpet master, member of Marvin X's Black Arts West Theatre,1966, San Francisco,  performed with Sun Ra's Arkestra, look at his hat!
 Ginny Lim, Asian poet filled with the Black Art's Movement Holy Ghost, accompanied by drummer,
BAM baby 2.0

Aries Jordan, Black Arts Movement baby 2.0, 
a student at Marvin X's Academy of da Corner,
Has published two books while mentored by Master Teacher Marvin X

Let me know if you are down with the 27 City tour AB laid out in this discussion of Drugs, Art and Revolution at Sista's Place in Brooklyn, as they discussed Marvin X's play One Day in the Life, a play about the drugs and the Black liberation movement, including his last encounter with Black Panther Huey P. Newton in a West Oakland Crack house. Marvin X also told of his relationship with Black Panther Eldridge Cleaver during those crack years. Woody King produced the Ed Bullins version of Marvin X's last encounter with Huey and Eldridge, Salaam, Huey Newton, Salaam.

As per AB, It is not about a big venue but even a little store front will do to spead the BAM message of truth and beauty.

We can do the BAM tour in the Black Churches across America, at least they own their own space. So we shall connect with the progressive preachers and spread truth and beauty as AB taught us.

Let us be clear about the united front AB taught us about. We must first unite with each other, yes, the Pan African community, then we can unite with others, progressive whites, Chicanos, Asians, Native Americans, Gays, Lesbians, et al

As per uniting with each other, let us come together with all segments of our society, teachers, preachers, politicians, judges, pimps, hustlers, whores, pimps, dope dealers. Once we come together, the struggle is over, the battle is won. Somebody better say Amen, Ache, Amin, Hotep!

Yes, once the black woman and man unite, alas, for the benefit of the children, and themselves, the struggle is over, freedom has arrived, and so let us unite as AB told us to do, connect the united front on all levels, family, community, nation. And there it is, a united nation of people, connecting with all other ethnic groups who seek sovereginty as well. Ishmael Reed says it was the Black Arts Movement that taught us to seek cultural sovereignty and all other ethnic groups followed suit.

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