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Free Russell Maroon Shoatz

Maroon the Implacable: The Collected Writings of Russell Maroon Shoatz

Like Mumia Abu Jamal, Russell Maroon Shoatz is a USA political prisoner. Let us liberate all the captives in the Babylon dungeons. We call for a general amnesty for all political prisoners in the USA. We want the same for the 2.4 million who committed crimes while drug addicted and mentally ill, i.e., the dual diagnosed, most of whom are poor as well as non-violent. They are not dangerous to society--alas, society is dangerous to them! Free Russell Maroon Shoatz!
--Marvin X
Russell Maroon Shoatz, Jr. and Marvin X in Philly at Atiola's

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Rising like a Phoenix from the Ashes

April 7, 2014

Greetings Maroon Supporters,

Thank you again for your steadfast support to the international
movement to free Russell Maroon Shoatz.  His transfer from 22 years of
solitary confinement into general population was the result of a
coordinated strategy by Scientific Soul Sessions (SSS) and the
Campaign to Free Russell Maroon Shoatz on artistic/cultural,
political, and legal fronts that were championed by the power of the
people.  It is a historic people's victory.  This is especially
significant since the U.S. government is determined to break the
spirit of political prisoners through confinement, silencing, and

Here is an update on Maroon's transition into general population at
SCI Graterford, Pennsylvania's largest maximum-security prison:

It has been five weeks since his transfer.  Every week he gains his
humanity back, as he learns how to live without shackles on his hands
and feet, breathe fresh air for the first time in months, and
carefully re-teach himself how to redistribute his weight in order to
walk up and down stairs again. He is acclimating to his new
surroundings and becoming familiar with how prison authorities
regulate his life in general population.

Upon his transfer, Maroon was introduced to a new set of rules and
regulations, some of which were specific to him.  Without a doubt, the
prison authorities are keeping a very sharp eye on him, his movement,
and his communications.

SCI Graterford confines up to 3,500 prisoners.  They are holding
Maroon in the newest wing where prisoners are completely broken.  They
have lost all self-respect and dignity.  They have been broken by the
prison system and living out of fear and desperation.  Upon entering
his new cell, fellow prisoners surrounded and begged Maroon for food.
This is unimaginable to Maroon since any sign of weakness makes you
vulnerable to manipulation by both prison authorities and prisoners.

Along with the breaking of prisoners' spirit, this is also a result of
the privatization of prisons as they cut corners to make profit.  The
prisoners are not getting fed enough during mealtimes so they are
desperate for food.  Most don't have the outside support and cannot
afford to buy food and drink from the commissary.  As a result, the
spirit of the prisoners is so low and defeated that Maroon spends most
of his time alone in his cell reading, writing, and studying.

Maroon is gaining clarity on the trauma caused by long-term solitary
confinement.  He understands more concretely how prolonged solitary
confinement has been specifically designed and used to target and
destroy prisoners who display political leadership or abilities to
organize prisoners (i.e. political and politicized prisoners).  He is
barely beginning to recognize all the psychological and bodily harm it
has done to him over the past decades.  Despite the fact that Maroon
is one of the stronger prisoners, it is clear that 22 years of
solitary confinement has done severe damage to him.  One can only
fathom how much of a toll solitary confinement takes on prisoners that
are not as strong-willed as Maroon.

Overall, Maroon is in a better situation than he has been in over 22
years. However, we have serious concerns for his safety.  Anyone of
those broken prisoners could be manipulated to cause him bodily harm.
Likewise, prison authorities could find arbitrary reasons to throw
Maroon back into solitary confinement.  Our work to protect him is
just beginning.

We will keep you - his ardent supporters - regularly updated on
Maroon's progress and with his campaign as we transition into a new
phase demanding a full release from prison.

Russell Maroon Shoatz is an innocent man who has suffered tremendously
under the duress of state torture.  He needs the kind of
rehabilitation that prison may have once promised, but clearly can't
and won't give him.  His cruel punishment - 22 years of continuous
solitary confinement and torture - has well exceeded his original

It is time to free Russell Maroon Shoatz!


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