Monday, April 7, 2014

Marvin X in Philly for Mumia Abu's 60th Birthday--We love you, Mumia, Ona Move!

Marvin X interviewed in Philly at the Black Power Babies Conference, 
produced by Muhammida El Muhajir

 Two classics by Amiri Baraka as he worked on that identity problem, the communal schozid
personality of the North American Africa. How could he live in two worlds, this conundrum confounded Amiri to the end, and yet we observed on more that one occasion performing in both worlds, the white and the black!. Some people call this ability JAZZ or Black Classic Music. See his book on Black Classical Music, Diggin!, University of Calfornia Press, Berkeley.

 Angela Davis, everybody's favorite revolutionary sister. She was mine as well. We were both fighting the US academia in 1969, she was a Black Communist at UCLA and I was a Black Muslim at Fresno State University. Gov. Ronald Reagan removed us both! Oh, God, then she decided to help prison Messiah Gorge Jackson escape from prison--what a slave narrative!

Uppity black wench
won't follow orders of master
must be whipped
award for capture
dead or alive1

Bobby Seale and Huey P. Newton
founders of the Black Panther Party for Self Defenise, Oakland California, 1966
two uppity negroes
won't follow orders
must be whipped
dead or alive
they will inspire other Africans
must be caught ASAP

Marvin X and Philadelphia/ citizen of the multiverse, Sun Ra, Marvin's master teacher, along with AB, HEM, Malcolm X, --Sun Ra, BAM mystic, musician, poet, band leader, philosopher, linguist, numerologist, Mythologist Supreme. Sun Ra taught Marvin X the need for discipline rather than freedom for his artists and common people. Sun Ra said, "We were born free!. Stop teaching that freedom, justice and equality--don't you see how free and wild they are? Teach discipline, discipline, discipline!"

AB was my brother, teacher, example, model, uncle, father, who allowed m!"e into his metaphysical and practical world of total liberation from any form of oppression. I can say I watched him fight his demons up close and personal, and he observed mine simultaneously. "Boy, you let the elephant out last night! Marvin X, when you get drunk, you can say the damnest things!"

Dr. Nathan Hare, sociologist, clinical psychologist, scholar, publisher, father of Black and Ethnic Studies in America. We love you, Nathan--and Julia too, the female Malcolm X! We love you for sharing 57years of marriage with us, the North American African Nation and the Pan African world.
--Marvin X

 Marvin X, his adopted aunt and uncle, Julia and Nathan Hare, Attorney Amiri Jackmon
 Dr. Hare in his boxing robe. Rahim Ali in background. 

The work of revolutionary Black Arts Movement artist Elizebith Cattlett Mora. Just as Gwen Brooks in Chicago joined the Chicago Black Arts Movement, Betty Mora joined the BAM and Black liberation movement as a radical artist.

 Ras Baraka, son of Amina and Amiri Baraka, next Mayor of Newrk, New Jersey. If there are doubts about his qualifications, look at the Eulogy he gave at the memorial for his father.

Revolutionary artist Paul Robeson, taught us we must be the artist as freedom fighter or the slave of oppression. That is our choice. We follow Paul as the artistic freedom fighter! 
Ras Baraka and Paul share the same earth day. 

 Black Love Lives, 
a film and conference by Nisa Ra. 

 Dr. Nathan Hare, sociologist, clinical psychologist, father of Black and Ethnic Studies in America.

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