Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Malcolm X Jazz Festival presents Marvin X and the BAM poet's choir & Arkestra, May 17, Oakland

Marvin X and Black Arts Movement's father of music, Sun Ra, who called his band the Arkestra.

The Malcolm X Jazz Festival is proud to announce the lineup for this year's festival will present Howard Wiley, Faye Carol, The Last Poets and Marvin X with the Black Arts Movement Poet's choir and Arkestra, including percussionist Tacuma King, violinist Tarika Lewis, Zena Allen on Kora. Poets include Ayodele Nzinga, Aries Jordan, Ginny Lim and Juan Felipe Herrera, et al.

This year's event is in honor of Black Arts Movement founder Amiri Baraka. Sponsored by Eastside Arts Cultural Center, the date is Saturday, May 17, Noon until 6pm. and San Antonio Park, Foothill and East 19th Street, Oakland. Free event.

The Black Arts Movement Poet's Choir and Arkestra. Eastside Arts has pledged $1,000.00 for the 27 City BAM tour. Mr. and Mrs. Ovis Collins pledge $1,000.00; Pamela Young-King pledges $1,000.00. If you support the BAM Tour, submit your name and pledge amount. Call
510-200-4164; email

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