Wednesday, April 2, 2014

No Jobs, No Education, No Housing, except for terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan

 I am not to be fooled by the blood suckers of the poor. Tell me how can America offer the insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan three items if they lay down their arms and pledge allegiance to the constitution of their nations: jobs, housing and education, yet this same offer is  not offered to the boyz and girls in the hoods of America. If you can stop the violence in Iraq and Afghanistan, why do you not offer the same solution to the boyz and girls in the hoods in Chicago, NYC, Philly, Los Angeles, Oakland and San Francisco.

You do not offer jobs, housing and education in the hood because you have found a better method of containment, jail and prison, at $50,000 to $60,000 per inmate per year. And let us not speak of juveniles at $250.000.00 per inmate per year. We have visited the juvenile in detention and they have told us that they cannot get out until they can be placed in a family.

 Marvin X and the Sheriff of San Francisco who himself has suffered the addiction to the patriarchal mythology. Marvin X has liberated men and women with his 18 page pamphlet Mythology of Pussy and Dick. Once you get past the title, you will see Marvin X is about the liberation of men and women.
Young people fight over his Mythology of Pussy and Dick as if it were gold! They steal it from each other and refuse to give it back! Elders do the same, coast to coast, from Oakland to Philly!

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