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Blacks: Bibliophiles or Bibliophobes? by Alton H. Maddox, Jr

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Blacks:  Bibliophiles or Bibliophobes? ©
By Alton H. Maddox, Jr.
            I knew that Mother Kefa and Bro. Bill were on to something.  Attendance at "Third World" was beyond my reach, however.  I was overwhelmed with pro bono cases.  The courtroom is a battlefield.  Preparation in a "war room" is the key to surviving a battle.  Anyone who represents a Black defendant must not only possess legal courage but also military competence.  Most Black defendants leave the battlefield as "prisoners of war".
            Very few Blacks, with law licenses, are capable of effectively defending Black defendants. White racists are on the same plane. The master-slave relationship stands in the way.  It continued after the 1863 Emancipation Proclamation. The master-slave relationship militated against the need for a "code of ethics". 
            The "Central Park 7" is an example.  Only four Black attorneys filed notices of appearances for three defendants. All other attorneys who had been admitted to practice law in New York were MIA.  A "slave" is always MIA.  This is a slave habit. These lawyers are proficient, "after the fact", in describing crime scenes.  "Ambulance chasers" only do "civil" work for a cut of the "loot".
            Years ago, I was told that if you want to hide matters from Negroes, put it in a book. If I put valuable books in my car in Harlem, I could keep the car unlocked.  For ten years, no one ever touched my car in Harlem.  Books are also safe on a plantation.  The master-slave relationship had instructed us that books would drive us crazy or destroy our brains.  This instruction was better than censorship.
            Afterwards, I started to practice law in Brooklyn Heights.  I needed to be near a law library which was beyond my pay scale.   A law library is like a military depot at Harper's Ferry.  John Brown knew where to go before engaging in military warfare. Whites had financed Brown's military adventure.
            Trial by combat has the same requirements.  There are several "legal" depots in Brooklyn Heights.  The rent is expensive, however.  I had to make this sacrifice for all Blacks.  Allegedly, white thieves had a different take on my car and my books in Brooklyn Heights in 1984.   They stole all of my valuables including books, batteries and an expensive camera.  I had acquired a bad habit in Harlem.
            Any Black lawyer who intends to be battle with white supremacy will also establish major law firms and political parties.  These are necessary instruments of war.  There is not a single, Black, major law firm in New York City or a single Black-led and Black-financed political party in New York State.  Blacks would rather "run for the tall grass".  A "mom and pop" operation will never defeat white supremacy.
            The first stage for the development of either a major law firm or an independent, political party is a "code of ethics".  Blacks must be accountable to each other.  This is the necessary glue for building relationships.  There are very few xenophobes in the Black community.  Most Blacks are xenophiles.  These xenophiles elevate the rights of "immigrants" or the rights of "gays" for example, over their own "citizenship" rights.  Xenophiles have "infested" the Democratic Party.
            Our revered ancestors came from a "gerontocracy".  Their wisdom is now contained in countless books.  Most Blacks are unable to communicate with their spirits.  This means that we not only have to read printed materials but also study them intensely and critically.  We buy these books but they end up on bookshelves collecting dust.  See, for example, Dr. Amos Wilson's Blueprint for Black Power.  Slaves are opposed to the exercise of power or any organized effort to secure power.

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