Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A note from the author: The Education of Kevin Powell

Greetings my friends! I hope you are well, and your family too. I am posting this very personal note because I am working on a very personal project of which I would like your support, please. It is my 12th and newest book, a memoir of my life, to be published on Tuesday, November 3, 2015, by Simon & Schuster. Never in my life I have written something that has affected me this emotionally and spiritually, and never before have I written something I so badly want to share with the public. The book’s title is THE EDUCATION OF KEVIN POWELL: A Boy’s Journey into Manhood. It is my sincere hope that in telling my life story you will find parts of you in there as well, as I deal with a range of issues, including self-love and love, family, community, depression, trauma, pain, redemption, and healing. My memoir literally goes from the era of the Vietnam War and the end of the Civil Rights Movement to our world today with Barack Obama as president. Here are a few early statements in support of my memoir, from two of America’s most important writers and thinkers:

The Education of Kevin Powell is a raw, deeply painful accounting of a life born of poverty, racism, abandonment, abuse, and complicated love. It is a memoir as much about a mother as it is about her son, a memoir born out of stunning writing and surprising vulnerability. A memoir of rage and insight, heartbreak and hunger. Powerful, brave, and unforgettable.”
—Eve Ensler

“Poignant and powerful. This story of Black male life in our patriarchal culture, from boyhood to manhood, is raw and passionate. It offers a true and honest portrait of all that Black males endure to survive and, more importantly, to cope with trauma, and to heal and thrive. It should be read by everyone who claims to care about the fate of Black males in America."
—bell hooks

So I am asking you, please, to PRE-ORDER MY BOOK NOW, by visiting Amazon, or other book sites, or via your local bookstore. It would mean so much to me, as we really want to have a lot of book sales long before the actual publication date. Just like movies need strong showings upon their release, the same applies to books. And if you could encourage others to PRE-ORDER too, that would be an added blessing.

I thank you so very much for taking the time to support this book.


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