Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sandra Bland failed the Tone Test

Sandra Bland's death causes questions
Sandra Bland’s death causes questions

 Mourners Gather to Celebrate Sandra Bland, Her Life Does Matter
Mourners for Sandra Bland will gather at  alma mater Sunday evening to celebrate “the life and legacy” of a woman who regularly spoke out on racism and police brutality before her death in a Texas jail cell last week.  The idea is to make certain that  Sandra Bland is remembered. Yes “Black lives matter.”

As far as Texas law enforcement officials are concerned, 28-year-old Sandra Bland died in a jail cell Monday after hanging herself with a plastic bag.

But her family says the idea that Bland would kill herself is “unfathomable,” prompting questions about the circumstances of her death. There are too many questions that need to be addressed. There’s the conversation she had  with a friend while awaiting  bail. There’s the question of possible brain injury caused by the slamming of her head to the ground by the police and question of exactly why was she arrested and not just given a ticket and sent other way. 

Authorities have recored that she was arrested for assault on a police officer. What was the assault? And exactly how and when did that occur?

To those who believe her death is suspicious, Bland is the latest victim of racial bias and police brutality. To drive home the point, social media users are imagining themselves in her place and sharing directives for what to do “if I die in police custody.”

Police say they found the Ms. Bland dead Monday after she hanged herself with a plastic bag inside the Waller County Jail, where she was incarcerated after allegedly assaulting an officer during a July 10 traffic stop. 

Interestingly, there is no footage  of her assaulting  the officer but there is footage capturing the officer assaulting her and her response. She printed out to him that he slammed her head to the ground and that she can’t hear as as result. There is no empathy or compassion  expressed verbally or shown by the officers.  Only the  instruction from the officer to the bystanders to leave the scene and run along.

She was found “in her cell not breathing from what appears to be self-inflicted asphyxiation,” a sheriff’s office statement said. Bland received CPR, and an ambulance was called, but she was pronounced dead a short time later.

Bland lived 1,000 miles away from  in the Chicago suburb of Naperville, Illinois, but was in Texas because she was taking a job as a student ambassador to the alumni association at Prairie View A&M University. She graduated from the historically black school in 2009.

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