Wednesday, July 15, 2015

My African Queen wants to be a Negro

 North American African Queens on the Black Arts Movement panel at Laney College, Oakland, Feb 7, 2015: Elaine Brown, Dr. Halifu Osumare, Judy Juanita, Portia Anderson, Kujuchaulia, Aries Jordan; standing, Marvin X, event producer
photo Southpark Kenny Johnson

My African Queen wants to be a Negro
Never heard the term until her fantastic teacher used it
Yes, she connected with the Wild Crazy Ride of the Marvin X Experience
Never had she used the term before
fluid is several languages in the Mother tongue
She told her teacher Africans are worse than Negroes
He was astounded
how could this be possible
Negroes are below shit
a nigguh ain't shit
you mean an African is less than shit
I can't believe this
prove it to me with scientific analysis and facts
Africans are worse than Negroes
not possible
Africans have culture, language and civilization
Lucy is the Mother of Civilization
how can Africans be less than shit
sometimes you are more than you think you are
the Greeks called it Hubris or false pride
a tragic flaw in the dramas of Shakespeare

So let me teach you African Queen
but don't be a Negro please
we know African loves bleaching cream and blond wigs
pay no attention a fad only
they will come to themselves
when the king comes to himself
no more king for life bullshit
you don't know everything motherfucker
have elections
the more minds the better
your mind is not Divine
old delusional pass the baton
not to a fool son
to the wise son
another mother
don't kill the wise son
raise him to the Upper Room
let the kingdom rejoice
let the people vote freely
let the opposition speak
transcend ignorance and ancient tradition mythology
let the new ear begin!
Sing praises to the New Era!
Sing praise of the next generation
let the youth exercise power
listen to youth
the years have taught you a lot
and they have taught you nothing
for you are sick with power and tradition
sit down please
let your son take the baton
let the wise sister queen take control
shall we say to you
what year did you go crazy?
--Marvin X

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