Wednesday, July 29, 2015

All You Nigguhs Lookin fa Jesus

... Black Female Lynching Victims 1886-1957: More on Black Women Who Were 
A man and two women named Jesus

All you Nigguhs lookin fa Jesus
he was crucified for sellin single cigarettes
Sandra Jesus was crucified for not using turn signal
Oscar Grant Jesus was crucified for celebrating New Year's
Chauncey Bailey Jesus was crucified for snooping around City Hall and the Police Department
Travon Martin Jesus was crucified for walking home with Skittles
Nine people named Jesus were crucified while praying with the devil in Charleston, South Carolina
Michael Jackson told you Jesus is the Man in the Mirror
keep lookin at that blue-eyed hippie hanging on the cross bleeding to death
keep drinking his blood and chewing his flesh
You will be Jesus whether you want or not
nailed on the cross and lynching tree of Americana
yes, in the land Jesus told you about
the land of liars and murderers
land of kidnappers thieves robbers rapists
from the founding fathers til now
liars murderers thieves robbers rapists kidnappers
Amazing Grace  Master slaver John Hawkins on the Good Ship Jesus
you are Jesus in the Valley of the Shadow of Death
be like Jesus
in this world but not of it
for the Lord of the Worlds is coming soon
Rabbi al-alamin
He ain't playing Jesus
won't crucify Him
He don't need resurrection or ascension
He is The Most High
He shall repay the Great Shaitan for every hurtful thing done to you
crying crocodile tears for your master will not save you or him
you both shall be consumed by fire
those who worship the devil shall go down with the devil
never to rise again
we don't need no coward soldiers
God loves a warrior he hates a coward
every inch of this blood soaked land shall be purified with water from a never ending stream
saints shall shout and dance the holy dance
the devil's reign shall be no more
no more capitalist swine
no more free market slavery
wage slavery
prison house slavery
man/woman slavery
let the people say ache ache ache.
--Marvin X

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