Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Parable of the Man with ten souls inside his soul

Marvin X
photo Eugene B. Redmond

Why are ten souls inside my soul
Always there
haunting me mostly
never letting me be at peace
especially with a lover
most jealous of people these guys inside me
no matter how beautiful she is intelligent
they are not satisfied unless they have one too
bug me to death
fuck up my shit
little haters inside me
demanding happiness too
absolutely will not let me be happy if they aren’t
up in my face pleading for the same joy
I know you will never go away
perhaps I shall stay in solitude
writing my songs in the key of life
like Stevie said
they can’t taunt then
don’t disturb my writing
they know better
I would kill them motherfuckers
they know it
writing is my mistress supreme
so they leave me alone
call themselves protecting me
guarding the inner walls of my soul
I am a prisoner of love
if love doesn’t come to them as well
no love for me
oh well, buddy, write your books
we got yo back.
but you better get us some ladies too
fine and mellow
kind you like
we know you like ho’s too
we like ho’s too
don’t play us like that buddy
we ain’t goin nowhere you know that
been with you yo whole life
even in high school
you satisfied us didn’t you
you tried
we made you do some things you didn’t even wanna do
didn’t we, buddy?
so don’t play with us
you know you can’t see us coming
in the night or in the day
unless we make ourselves known
yeah, we the spirit in the dark
and in the light
can’t miss us
we show don’t miss you
closer than your jugular vain
closer than close
better ax somebody.
—Marvin X

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