Tuesday, July 7, 2015

How White Folks Got So Rich: the Untold Story of American White Supremacy

How White Folks Got So Rich:
The Untold Story of American White Supremacy

Updated & Expanded Edition-- Now Available!

A pocket-size expose' of American WHITE SUPREMACY. Explores government policies, corporate schemes, "special arrangements," and the devious actions that are at the very foundation of White Wealth & Black poverty in America. If you thought Whites achieved their riches through "hard work," you definitely NEED this book.

136 pages and fully illustrated.
Retails for $8; purchase here: http://goo.gl/sxuujP

Amazon.com 5-STAR Readers' Reviews:

· This is the perfect book!

· Unbelieveable!

· I did not read this information in any of my high school or college history books!

· This book was so much more enlightening than I thought it would be.

· This was a very short, but very enlightening book to read....a MUST purchase.

· Do yourself a favor and get this book in your personal library.


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Everything you NEED to know about: The Good Ol' Boy Network · Grandfather Clauses · Government Sabotage: The FBI's COINTELPRO · White-Collar Crime · Organized Crime & Illegal Drugs · Patents · Subprime Mortgages · Federal Reserve Crookery · Indian-Land Grab · White Liberals' Mis-Guidance & Treachery · Hollywood and Racial Propaganda · Black-Talent Snatching · Charitable Giving · Inheritance · Slavery: The Most Profitable Business of ALL TIME · Sugar to Cotton to Oil · Jim Crow Laws · Sharecropping & Predatory Lending · Religious Racism: The "Curse of Ham" · Labor Unions: Racial Cleansing of American Labor · White Domestic Terrorism · Compromise of 1877 · Asian Exclusion Acts · Plessy vs. Ferguson · President of White Supremacy: Woodrow Wilson · The Stock Market--Race Roulette · Public Education: The 4th "R" -- Racism · Be-Out-Before-Sundown Towns · Citizenship & Immigration--For Whites Only · Homestead Act · Farmers Home Administration · Public Housing: "The Projects" · Urban Renewal · Social Security & Pensions · Unemployment Insurance--For Whites Only · National Recovery Act (NRA) or "Negro Removal Act"? · Minimum Wage Law · Racial Profiling in the Housing Market · VA Mortgages--For White Vets Only · Federal Housing Administration--Homeland Insecurity · The Black Tax · Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) · Forced Consumerism & Economic Dependency · G.I. Bill · Building of American Cities · Affirmative Action · Corporate Welfare · Warmonger Welfare · False Flag Nation: Covert Operations · Health Care--a "Sick Care" Industry · Police Power: Keeping Blacks in "Their Place" · Prison Industry · War on Black Drug Users · Race Manufacturing

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