Tuesday, January 26, 2016

BAMBD Media Team Drafted

Black artists gather at Frank Ogawa/Oscar Grant Plaza in front of Oakland City Hall, prior to City Council vote that established the Black Arts Movement Business District, January 12, 2016.
Front: Khalid Waajid; Amir Aziz, Duane Deterville, Judy Juanita, Eric Arnold, Tureada Mikell, Marvin X, Tarika Lewis, DeMar-con Gibson, Blystk Kmba, Crsna Cox, Jaenal Peterson, Jahaninh Omi Bahari, Janeah Taylor, Yancie Taylor, Tracy Mitchell, Ron Linzie, Dennis X, Wanda Ravernell
photo Adam Turner

Graphics by Blystk Kmba

Black Bird Press News & Review: Black Power Babies Rock Philly
 Marvin X in Philly, interviewed by WURD Radio

The following persons have been drafted to establish the BAMBD Media Team. The team will be in charge of media matters, e.g., press releases, interviews, feature stories, promotional materials. BAM ancestor Amiri Baraka said we must be prepared to shoot down any negative stories about BAMBD that are not factual but only part of the disinformation campaign by you know who. Baraka said we have the intelligence to immediately counter-act  and smash any lies and distortions spread by you know who and the playa haters, jealous and envious Negroes, yes, those with the crabs in the barrel mentality.

Dr. Ayodele Nzinga
Aries Jordan
Eric Arnold
Duane Deterville
Aquella Lewis
Wanda Sabir
Ishmael Reed
Askia Toure
Nefertiti Jackmon

Adam Turner
Gene Hazzard
Kamau Amen Ra
Ken Johnson
Malaika Kambon
Harrison Chastain
Khalid Waajib
Amir Aziz

Painters, graphic artists:
Adam Turner
Randolph Belle
Muhammad Kareem
Mical Free

Blystk Kmba
James Gayles
Malik Seneferu
Refa One
Emory Douglas
Kalamu Cache'
Claude Clark
Joyce Gordon

Graphic design by Adam Turner

Black Arts Movement Poets Choir and Arkestra
Photo collage by Adam Turner

Black Arts Movement Tentative Program for 50th Anniversary Celebration ...

Art by James Gayles


Graphics by Mical Free, photo Kamau Amen Ra

Photo by Gene Hazzard

 BAM co-founder Amiri Baraka
Art by Emory
 Photo by Ken Johnson

Graphic art by Emory 

 Negro es bello/Black is Beautiful
Art by BAM Ancestor Elizabeth Catlett Mora

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