Friday, January 29, 2016

Let's Celebrate the Black Arts Movement Business District with a Marcus Garvey Parade and Founders Concert

<b>Marcus</b> <b>Garvey</b> Riding In Car in U.N.I.A. <b>Parade</b>
 The Honorable Marcus Garvey

We think North American Africans in Oakland should celebrate the Black Arts Movement Business District with a Marcus Garvey parade down 14th from MLK, Jr. Way to Lake Merritt for a rally and festival. Brother Theo of the Malonga Center should lead the people with his dancers doing the BAM BAM  (suggested by Dr. Nathan Hare). Dr. Hare says, "BAM BAM in boxing connotes a quick one-two punch."
Doc can still throw a punch. He turns 80 April 9, same birthday as ...

Dr. Nathan Hare, Sociologist, Clinical Psychologist, Father of Black and Ethnic Studies, former professional boxer, demonstrates the BAM BAM for Marvin X.

BAM photographer/videographer Kenny Johnson said, "We gonna be doin da BAM Thang everywhere."

King Theo
Celebrating Sonia Sanchez At 79 + BaddDDD Bio-Doc In The Works ...
 Sonia Sanchez

We also propose a benefit concert for the Black Arts Movement Business District Trust Fund. The concert will present BAM Founders and showcase the BAM Babies--the next generation of artistic freedom fighters.

YGB, Young, Gifted and Black

BAM Baby, Mayor Ras Baraka, Newark NJ

Nikki Giovanni
 Nikki Giovanni

Description Alice Walker.jpg
Alice Walker

Askia Toure

AUDIO: The Last Poets Interview in advance of Boston show Sat. 6/16 ...
The Last Poets

 (invited, unconfirmed)
Danny Glover
The Last Poets
Sonia Sanchez
Nikki Giovanni
Alice Walker
Askia Toure
Marvin X
Ishmael Reed
Al Young
Mayor Ras Baraka
Marc Barmuthi

The BAM Poet's Choir and Arkestra:



Marvin X and Danny Glover

<b>Marcus</b> <b>Garvey</b> and members in a U.N.I.A. <b>Parade</b>

 ... of the Universal Negro Improvement Association march on <b>parade</b>
Universal Negro Improvement Association soldiers. Did you know
there is a Marcus Garvey UNIA Hall in Oakland?

Black Cross Nurses, in the 1922 UNIA <b>Parade</b> (Corbis)
 The UNIA Black Cross Nurses. We call upon the Bay Area Black Nurses Association to participate in the BAM Business District Unity parade.

... Clip From Documentary 'The Black Panthers: Vanguard Of The Revolution

On the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the Black Panther Party in Oakland, we call upon the BPP veterans to participate in the BAM Business District Unity parade. Panther Cubs also!

Little Known Stories of Blacks and the Civil War
The 200,000 North American African troops were critical to the US winning the Civil War. We call upon Black Veterans to march in the BAM Business District Unity parade.

On parade, the 41st Engineers at Ft. Bragg, NC in colorguard ...

FYI, BAM/Black Power activists were patriots who believed in the values of American democracy. We believed in the American revolution. We quoted the US Constitution in our raps and principles. We believed in the consent of the governed, yet we suffered taxation without representation. We suffered a military defeat by the US Government. We hereby call upon all veterans of the US military to connect and support the BAM/Black Power veterans, especially those in need. We call on Black military veterans to reach out and touch the soldiers in America's domestic war against the freedom and independence of North American Africans, e.g., Black Panthers, Nation of Islam, Socialists, Communists, Liberation theologists and others. Now there are some who completely missed the 60s. They are like the girl who said Wake up to what? Poor girl doesn't even know she's asleep. But US military veterans, reach out and touch your brothers in the war for freedom in America.

Uniformed men in the uniform of the Fruit of Islam, a subset of the Nation of Islam, stand at attention during the Saviour's Day celebrations at General Richard Jones Armory, Chicago, Illinois, February 26, 1967.

We call upon the Nation of Islam to join the BAM Business District Unity Parade.

Recent Photos The Commons 20under20 Galleries World Map App Garden ...
BAM poets Amiri Baraka and Maya Angelou doing the BAM BAM!

We suggest the Marcus Garvey Unity Parade in honor of the man who taught us Black Unity.
"Up you mighty people, you can accomplish what you will!" He gave us the Red, Black and Green after hearing a racist song, "Everybody got a flag 'cept a Coon!"Let's do the BAM BAM!

For more information about this proposed event, call 510-200-4164

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