Friday, January 1, 2016

Marvin X on Nikki Rosa by Nikki Giovanni

Nikkie talked about Nikki/Rosa
the life she lived
but my life wasn't bad either
joy happiness
world of my own
no white people in my world
teachers black
loan sharks
Mr. Freeman at the Lincoln Theatre
black movies fleas rats too but black films
cross the street from my house
7th and Campbell
Parent's Florist Shop
growing up West Oakland
Harlem of the West
7th Street
my street my life my love
Perry's Shoe Shine
Pear's Cafe
Scott's Key Shop
Pullman Porter's Union upstairs
 John Singer's Club
Ester's Obit Room
Slim Jenkin's Restaurant
Josephine Baker at Slim's  for years
parents talked about her
Couldn't figure out why she was so important
Saw her picture outside Slim Jenkins
couldn't go inside
too young
a child really
up and done 7th Street
magazines and newspapers
Race news
went down to the Valley, Fresno hustling still
T Shit said Jet
The Weekly Negro Magazine

Nigguhs called me
Weekly Negro
Jet Ebony Pittsburgh Courrier
Chicago Defender
7th Street
my life in my world
beautiful '
make a junkyard bike

Leon Teasley my 3rd Grade friend
McFeely Elementary
next to New Century Rec Center
Ruth Beckford wearing natural hair
beautiful African queen
Ruth black and beautiful
in cars with negroes with class
hustling negroes
Ruth had class
beautiful so black
wondered about Ruth
wanted to be in her grove
even in childhood
Rec Center drama class took me to Mosswood Park
some European king and queen shit
sandbox white girl called me a nigger first time
get out the sandbox nigger
didn't know what a nigger was really
white girl made it plain
get out the sandbox nigger!
drama career started at Mosswood
First lession
You a nigger nigger!
Know that and you can live and be
a bigger nigger
don't you want to be a bigger nigger than
a nothing ass nigger?
--Marvin X

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