Thursday, January 21, 2016

Black Arts Movement Business District approved by Oakland City Council

On Tuesday, January 19, the full Oakland City Council voted approval of the Black Arts Movement Business District along the 14th Street corridor, downtown Oakland. Lynette McElhaney, President of the Council, pushed the legislation after weeks of meetings with artists and business persons. After the vote, she thanked everyone. "I appreciate all of the culture keepers for supporting this effort and expanding upon this concept.... While I appreciate everyone's contributions, I want to extend a very special note of thanks to Joyce Gordon (an absolute gem), Duane Deterville (whose cogent presentation helped me see the importance and power of linking this effort to historic and global movements), Paul Cobb (whose deep knowledge of people and place fully expanded my appreciation of the corridor) and Marvin X, who, without doubt, has been the most vocal proponent for the celebration of the Black Arts movement and the claiming of a space to honor the contributions of Black artists.  I also want to thank the business owners Craig, Geoffrey, Oscar, Corey and Veronica and city staff for their insight and support."

Oakland Black Artists: Left to Right: front row, Khalid Waajid; second row: Hasain Rasheed, Duane Deterville, Tureada Mikell, Marvin X, Jahaninh Omi Bahari, Jahneah Taylor, Crsna Cox; Next row: Ptah Allah El, Ron Lindsey, Chanfil Brown, Blystk Kmba, Eric Arnold, Jaenal Peterson, DeMar-con Gibson, Amir Aziz
 photo Adam Turner

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  1. All right. Oakland Lives. Oakland Matters. Bigtime! This is not a new start, but a turning point for this historic city of hardworking, hard partying, festival-going, family-loving salt-of-the-earth people.