Friday, January 29, 2016

Dr. Nathan Hare does the BAM BAM in preparation for the Marcus Garvey Unity Parade and Founders Concert in celebration of the Black Arts Movement Business District

<b>Marcus</b> <b>Garvey</b> Riding In Car in U.N.I.A. <b>Parade</b>
 The Honorable Marcus Garvey

We think North American Africans in Oakland should celebrate the Black Arts Movement Business District with a Marcus Garvey parade down 14th from MLK, Jr. Way to Lake Merritt for a rally and festival. King Theo of the Malonga Center should lead the people with his dancers doing the BAM BAM  (suggested by Dr. Nathan Hare). Dr. Hare says, "BAM BAM in boxing connotes a quick one-two punch."
Doc can still throw a punch. He turns 80 April 9, same birthday as ...

Dr. Nathan Hare, Sociologist, Clinical Psychologist, Father of Black and Ethnic Studies, former professional boxer, demonstrates the BAM BAM for Marvin X.

BAM photographer/videographer Kenny Johnson said, "We gonna be doin da BAM Thang everywhere."

Black artists gather at Frank Ogawa/Oscar Grant Plaza in front of Oakland City Hall, prior to City Council vote that established the Black Arts Movement Business District, January 12, 2016.
Front: Khalid Waajid; Amir Aziz, Duane Deterville, Judy Juanita, Eric Arnold, Tureada Mikell, Marvin X, Tarika Lewis, DeMar-con Gipson, Blystk Kmba, Crsna Cox, Jaenal Peterson, Jahaninh Omi Bahari, Janeah Taylor, Yancie Taylor, Tracy Mitchell, Ron Linzie, Dennis X, Wanda Ravernell
photo Adam Turner

President of Oakland City Council, Lynette McElhaney 
Thanks BAMBD Community Planners
Hello all:
I want to appreciate all of the culture keepers for supporting this effort and expanding upon this concept.  I cannot tell you how gratified I am that what I once believed to be a personal idea was actually me tapping into the wellspring of passion and love for this concept that long predates my arrival on the council.  I am humbled.  Spirit is all-knowing and all-wise and I am truly honored to be in a position to help fulfill - or at least facilitate - the fulfillment of this community desire.
While I appreciate everyone's contributions, I want to extend a very special note of thanks to Joyce Gordon (an absolute gem), Duane Deterville (whose cogent presentation helped me see the importance and power of linking this effort to historic and global movements), Paul Cobb (whose deep knowledge of people and place fully expanded my appreciation of the corridor) and Marvin X, who, without doubt, has been the most vocal proponent for the celebration of the Black Arts movement and the claiming of a space to honor the contributions of Black artists.  I also want to thank the business owners Craig, Geoffrey, Oscar, Corey and Veronica and city staff for their insight and support.

This is just the first step.  We have a lot more work to do.  Looking forward to expanding the team and finding ways to fund the vision.
With deep Oakland-love, Lynette

Council President Lynette McElhaney, Marvin X, Duane Deterville; Middle row: Gerry Garzon (Oakland Public Library), Tureeda Mikell, Jaenal Peterson, Aries Jordan, David McKelvey, Eric Murphy (Joyce Gordon Gallery); Back row: Eric Arnold, Kwesi Wilkerson, Charles Johnson, Alicia Parker (Oakland Planning Department), Shomari Carter (Supervisor Keith Carson's Office). Far right: Elder Paul Cobb, Publisher, Oakland Post News Group. 

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