Friday, January 22, 2016

Marvin X invited to Visioning Session at Oakland's Flight Deck Theatre


 VIP hour Accelerator 2016

Art at the Center of Downtown’s Public Life: A Creative Visioning Session Oakland is changing. We all know it. Buildings are going up, businesses are opening, new people are coming in, and some folks who have been here for a long time are getting pushed out. There’s a sense of opportunity and a sense of fear. Who will get a share of the new prosperity? In Oakland, like in so many urban areas, artists have been central in making the place desirable - so often, people reference diversity and arts & culture when they talk about why they love Oakland. But as new money comes in and rents rise, artists and arts organizations are often some of the first to be displaced. At this moment when so much is changing for Oakland, and when the city is creating a new Downtown Specific Plan, how can we make sure that the arts remain at the center of public life in Oakland, and that they continue to grow in ways that are equitable and rooted in Oakland’s rich culture and history?

As the opener to The Flight Deck’s annual Accelerator event on February 6th, we are inviting our guests to join in a visioning session on the future of the arts in Downtown
Oakland. Experts in various fields will provide context and give their perspective on
these issues, and then participants will work in groups to creatively develop a vision for
placing the arts at the center of public life in Downtown Oakland’s changing landscape.
The process will marry elements of ensemble theater techniques and urban planning
design charettes. This session will serve as a pilot - an experiment in process that could
be duplicated in other contexts if it is effective.
Time: 5-6pm
Saturday, February 6, 2016
Facilitator: Anna Shneiderman, Executive Director, Ragged Wing Ensemble & The Flight
1. Robert Ogilvie, Executive Director, SPUR Oakland (confirmed)
2. Richard Weinstein, Owner, Weinstein Local & Citrine Advisors Real Estate
3. Lindsay Krumbein, Executive Artistic Director, Gritty City Repertory Youth
Theatre (confirmed)
4. Someone from the city - Libby Schaaf, Tamika Moss or who?
5. A local artist/advocate – Marvin X? Anyka Barber?

1. As the participants enter, they are assigned a group number.
2. The facilitator introduces the topic, process and panelists.
3. Each panelist gives a 3-minute intro to their perspective on the topic and any
relevant background and context from their field.
4. The participants split into groups. Each group includes one panelist and onefacilitator. The groups address their question by creating a simple artistic product. 
5. We return to the full group and each group presents their piece.
6. Each panelist has 1 minute to synthesize take-aways, or things they will add to the next steps of their work as a result of the session.
7. Facilitator closes out the session. 

Questions for groups to address:
  • 1. How can city government best support Oakland artists? (City person)
    2. How can art be incorporated into street-scapes, public spaces and new
    developments? (Robert)
    3. How do we make sure that the artists and arts organizations who have made
    Oakland so unique and desirable are able to stay as new residents, businesses and
    capital move in and rents rise? (artist/advocate)
    4. How can the Arts community and the Business community collaborate to best
    serve the public? (Richard)
    5. How can The Flight Deck best serve the public of Oakland? (Lindsay)
    Prompt for each group:
    Talk, draw, sing, move. Come up with some ideas and then make a simple artistic
    product that represents them.
    Create a product that:
    includes a minimal amount of text that gets to the essence of your idea (spoken or
    includes a visual element
    includes a performance element - movement or music
    is no longer than 1 minute
    includes everyone in the group in some way
    the form of the piece reflects the content of the ideas
    Materials available:
    large paper
    markers, colored pencils, etc.
    tape & glue
    other simple craft supplies

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