Sunday, January 31, 2016

When Parents Bury Children

Amiri Baraka, Jr., Amiri Baraka, Amina Baraka

 When Parents Bury Children

for the Barakas on the loss of Shani Baraka
<b>Shani</b> <b>Baraka</b> (left) and Rayshon Holmes (right) via
 Shani Baraka and her partner, Rayshon Holmes, were murdered

a pain nothing can kill
no words suffice
no tears complete
we are numb
yet dead inside
walk with pride
hiding open wounds
a bleeding only you
can see touch feel
others try
some are true
but do they really know
the pain of loss
a child
so young so bright
now the emptiness forever
except the memory of all the yesterdays
from birth til now
thoughts of joy confound
make us smile
if only for a moment
like eternity
then gone into the night of forever
and so we walk
crippled yet brave
each day wondering
the price of life and love
cost of moments lost yet found again
as we walk and talk
to the spirit world
where death does not enter
only living water flows
as we flow
between life and spirit
which are one.
--Marvin X

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