Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December 12th Movement

December 12th Movement shows the power of a small group of dedicated people: for years now DEC 12th has forced Harlem merchants to close down their businesses on 125th Street on Malcolm's birthday. Now that's people's power!

We sincerely congratulate the December 12th Movement for keeping it real. We thank them for producing my play One Day in the Life at Sista's Place, 1997, and also for the panel discussion Drugs, Art and Revolution (see Youtube). Long live Black Nationalism! 
--Marvin X

Please do not miss this tribute to the Black Liberation Movment and the contributions that the December 12th Movement has made over the last 25 years...
From the War on Crack to Malcolm X's demand to take our struggle to the international Human Rights arena to the 1st National Reparations Rally to building Sistas' Place and the African People's Farmers Market as institutions of self-determination and the defense of our culture - The December 12th Movement has been on the front lines of our people's fight for freedom.
Join us... in a celebration of music, food and culture as we all re-dedicate ourselfs to the next 25 years... It's free - just bring yourself
Wednesday, December 12th - 6:30 pm - National Black Theater
125th Street & Fifth Ave. call (718) 398-1766 to RSVP


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