Saturday, December 29, 2012

Old Men Drive Alone

Old men drive around town alone
nowhere to go no matter how hard they try
the Mercedes takes them nowhere
can't stop by this friend's house he's dead
this friend is crazy
can't stop and chat with him
this nigguh is a long gone alcoholic
can't fuck with him
you drunk yoself
Henny and Bailey's
a deadly combo
separating mind from body
but you go out anyway
for air
too lazy to walk the lake down the street
fuck the lake
would ride bike if tire was fixed
paid the negro for a tire but didn't fix it
what's wrong with the negro
what about three centruries of free labor
think the negro ain't tired in his DNA
in the marrow of bones tired
would you work with no memory of pay
or wage slavery in the modern era
slave none the less
no food stamps
no medical
no parity
no job security
just work
three minimum wage jobs
enjoy life
don't let those Cali negroes come south talking shit
fuck up yo shit wit da white man
then leave
you stuck wit white man
three minimum jobs
can't pay car note after Cali nigguh departed
wish dat nigguh said nothing
just shut the fuck up and leave us lone
we know how to deal wit our peckerwood
Cali ass nigguh
deal wit dat Cali peck
and dad NYC peck
stop and frist ass peck
got you nigguhs under occupation
but you NYC nigguhs all that and bag of chips
stopped on every block wit pants hanging down
got any drugs
on probation parole
got gun
go ahead nigguh
might as well stay in South Carolina
shut up and stay
lease you got a job
minimum wage but job
ain't got that in NYC.

So I drive alone
no friends to call
no women friends
they gone or crazy too
I drive slow
through the Tenderloin of SF
do I know you?
Nigguh you still on the street selling dope
must be a snitch nigguh
how many nigguhs you sent to prison to stay on the street
I'm scared of you nigguh
I drive I drive
I pray I pray
asking God to tell me why You saved me
Please tell me why.
Why you didn't take me down in the mud with these other rats?
Why you save me to drive around in my Mercedes alone?
--Marvin X

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