Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Marvin X's National Book Tour, 2012

I want to go there where people asked me not to go, i.e., tell me what happened on your book tour. First of all, I want to tell you the strategy: I not only had to get in many cities but I had to get out of them in one piece. So this is a most serious matter, though it may not be serious to you, but to me it was most serious, no matter what city I was in, whether  NYC, Newark, NJ, Beaufort, SC, Houston, TX, Pilly, Pa, etc.

In South Carolina they told me to say nothing, shut the fuck up. They were my advisors and they said shut the fuck up, don't have no book signing or nothing else, just shut the fuck up and enjoy yourself. I did as they told me except when I went to the African Village, where I enjoyed myself.

Marvin X's Revolution on the Rocks Book Tour 2012

Tuesday, Sept 18
Africana Studies Department, University of Houston
Thursday, Sept 20
Elders Institute of Wisdom, SHAPE Community Center, 11:30am
Friday, Sept 21
Texas Southern University, School of Business
Saturday, Sept 22
Secret Word Cafe, 9pm
Sunday, Sept 23
Third World Imports, 2-4pm
October 6
Kings Day at Oyutunji African Village, Sheldon, SC
October 25
Brecht Forum, Manhattan, New York
October 28
Joins Amiri and Amina Baraka at the Blue Mirror, Newark NJ
November 1
Thursday, 6-8pm, Sankofa Books, 2714 Georgia Avenue, NW, Wash DC
November 2-4
Black Power to Hip Hop Conference, Howard University, Wash DC
November 4
Sunday, 7pm, Umoja House, 2015 Bunker Hill Rd., NE, Wash DC
November 9          
Friday, 7pm, Moonstone Art Center, 110 South 13th Street, Philadelphia PA
November 16        
Friday, 3pm, Black and Nobel Books, 1411 West Erie Ave., Philadelphia
November 17
Saturday, 4-6pm, Black Power Babies, Restoration Plaza, Skylight Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
November 25
The Free Market Place, 905 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn
November 26
Interview with PBS
Midnight flight to San Juan, Puerto Rico for R & R

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