Sunday, December 30, 2012

Marvin X Speaks in Fresno at the African American Museum

Marvin X spoke briefly in Fresno last night at the African American Museum's Kwanza ceremony. The
poet told of his early life in the Valley, struggle to teach at Fresno State University, his recent national book tour and the importance of North American Africans preserving their archives. He made the audience aware that two of Black America's greatest authors are from Fresno, himself, of course (audience laughter) and Sherley Ann Williams (RIP).

According to the museum's founder, Jack Kelly (RIP), "When Marvin X fought to teach at Fresno State College (now University), he made things better for everybody, not just students at FSU. Black police officers were not allowed to patrol the white side of town until Marvin X came to FSU."

He described racial conditions on his tour, especially in South Carolina where his advisors and host told him to say nothing, just enjoy Gullahland. But the poet said Upsouth was no better, especially in New York City where 700,000 young black and Puerto Rican men were stopped and frisked last year. NYC is under police occupation, especially the hood, so America is essentially a police state controlled by pigs and fear. The Kwanza event ended with his talk. People said they were inspired by his remarks.
The poet was invited by Pamela Young, President of the Fresno chapter of the NAACP. Arrangements are being made by Museum Director  Gregory Melancon to have the poet return during Black History Month.

Marvin X is available for speaking nationwide. Contact him at 510-200-4164 or his agent, Sun in Leo PR 718-496-2305, email:

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