Sunday, December 2, 2012

Marvin X takes midnight flight to Puerto Rico for much needed R and R

Marvin X's peripatetic journey across America extended beyond the USA mainland to the US colony of Puerto Rico where the poet enjoyed some R and R after three months on the road promoting his Revolution of the Rocks Book Tour 2012, including his Wisdom of Plato Negro, parables and fables, Black Bird Press, 2012. But his How to Recover from the Addiction to White Supremacy, a Pan African 12-step model, was the most requested title.

After spending time splashing in the waters of the Caribbean @ 87 degrees, the poet boarded a city bus for a ride through the hood of San Juan where he observed projects upon projects of poor people as opposed to the beachside condos of the rich and famous. X did not see the so called middle class unless they were mixed with the poor as the city bus went from hood to hood on the slow ride to the airport.

X also spent a few hours in Old San Juan near the cruise ships where he encountered many black bourgeoisie negroes returning to the ship with their bags of Gucci and other products from the White Supremacy world of make believe or conspicuous consumption as described by sociologist E. Franklin Frazier's 60s classic The Black Bourgeoisie. X wondered why they needed to travel to Puerto Rico to buy garbage they could buy in New York or San Francisco?

After a few days, Dr. M returned to the US mainland and decided to set up his Academy of da Corner in the hood of Bed Sty where his daughter lives. After getting permission from the numbers runners standing nearby, X set up his Academy of da Corner at Marcus Garvey and DeKalb, giving out free books and literature to all, including his classic Mythology of Pussy and Dick, a manhood/womanhood biblo-rites of passage. To the detractors, Dr. M says check out the news, look at the US military generals falling from power, the Secret Service boys who went down in Columbia, or the latest Kansas City Chief's linebacker who killed his girlfriend and himself due to twisted male/female relations, no doubt due to his addiction to White Supremacy notions of the patriarchal domination of females, that females are the chattel or personal property of males.

Throughout my Revolution on the Rocks Book Tour, I have tried to instruct males they do not own the pussy. Indeed, a woman at Marcus Garvey and DeKalb Academy of da Corner, stated, "I know I own my stuff, " echoing a line from Colored Girls.....

A young man demanded X give him his phone number since he might have need for it in his male/female relations. Brothers, if you need, please give me a call at 510-200-4164, 24/7. Call me before you want to physically, verbally or emotionally abuse your partner!!!!!!!

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