Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The White House Needs You

The White House, Washington

Hello --

Something special is happening right now at the White House, and you're the reason why.

Here's the situation: If Congress doesn't act, a typical middle-class family of four will pay about $2,000 more in income taxes starting on January 1. President Obama is asking folks to add their voice to the debate and tell us what that money means to their families. And across the country, hundreds of thousands of people are speaking up.

Your response has been so incredible that we've had to ask the entire building to join the effort to read all these stories. Right now, economists and speechwriters, press secretaries and policy aides are all pitching in on top of their other duties to make sure that every single voice gets heard.

You need to be part of this. Take two minutes to share your story and be part of this remarkable conversation. Tell us what $2,000 means to middle-class families.

If you take the time to share your story, you're going to get the attention of a White House staffer. That's the bottom line -- someone is going to take time to listen.

But we're not stopping there.

We're putting these stories on the front page of the White House website. We're sharing them on Facebook and Twitter. The President is talking about them in his speeches and taking time to sit down with folks who have written in -- even hitting the road to meet with one of these families at their kitchen table.

And here's what all that means: This debate, which affects millions of middle-class families, isn't happening in a typical Washington bubble where pundits and policymakers talk past each other as they try to rack up political points.

Instead, your voices are being heard, and that's making a difference.

So let's keep it up. Don't miss a chance to speak out:




David Plouffe 
Senior Advisor 
White House 

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