Thursday, December 20, 2012

Parable of the City of God

Parable of the City of God

You have destroyed the City of God, turned it into a hell hole wherein brother is against brother and sister against sister. The City of God has become the habitation of devils who kill at will the children of God who are slain in the streets while no action is taken against them and the so-called good people are silent in the night, hiding in their mansions in fear and terror, knowing for a certainty the devils shall invade their homes, it is only a matter of time, simply because they have done nothing to reach out to the devils in their midst. 

Alas, the devils are their children who have gone astray and no one will lay hands on them in fear the children will tear their limbs like hungry beasts. But these beasts are hungry for love, yet no one will reach out to them, no one will lay hands on them except other devils such as robbers, thieves and murderers. 

No one will guide the young devils so they behave like Yacoub’s children of old, playing with steel, such as cars and guns, for these are symbols of power. And in their hunger and thirst for love, they seek satisfaction in steel since the human touch is absent their lives. If only someone would speak with them, tell them a kind word, guide them on the right path, but no, the elders are in fear of the monsters they created by being silent, neglectful and abusive. 

No matter how hard they try, the elders in the City of God cannot get out of their responsibility to teach truth to their weary children gone mad from lack of love and direction. The schools have made them ignorant, the church doors are closed to them, thus they are hungry and homeless causing them to make terror in the streets. 

If only someone would lay hands on them with kindness and love that is expected in the City of God, the so-called devil children, the children of Yacoub who love playing with steel, would put down their guns and stop using their cars as weapons of mass destruction. They would stop filling their young bodies with drugs and disease from unprotected sex. Why will not those in the City of God step to the front of the line and represent Divinity?

How can they tarry in Jerusalem doing nothing while the house of God is defiled and becomes an abomination.

You who are holy, take off your holy rags and confess naked before your God that you have neglected to clean his temple, that you have destroyed his children, turning them into beasts of the jungle or even worse, for they lack the love of beasts, for they are ready to kill for the slightest reason, without thinking of the consequences, the pain and suffering they cause families, friends and community.

Why will you not teach them legal trade and commerce. No, you allow the dope man to teach them and love them while you party in the night, wink and blink at concerts wearing your rocks, stones and animal skins.

Continue doing nothing and see if things get better or worse, but you live in the City of God and He expects you to exercise the reins of power, not cower in the corner afraid of that which your hands have created, for that which your hands have created shall seek you out in the night and in the day, but if you are without the armor of God, that which your hands have created shall slay you and the City of God shall be no more.

--Marvin X
from the Wisdom of Plato Negro, parables/fables, BPP, Berkeley, 2012.

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