Tuesday, December 18, 2012

We Charge GENOCIDE, We Charge Freedom!

Young people come to me asking if I have ever heard of this book or document. I laugh silently because it was a classic  document of the 1960s. It was a bible of sorts, but for sure we knew this document had within it all the charges needed to indict America for her sins against North American Africans and other indigenous peoples, especially Native Americans.

We are trying to consider what might be the consequences for the sins of America as we enter 2013. We know that we are not guilty of her sins against humanity, so we ask what shall be our price for anything we may have enjoyed as a participant in her sins?

For sure, we cannot and shall not feel guilty about the theft of land, the mass murder of millions throughout the Americas, for we were merely slaves and wage slaves in this process. The Indigenous peoples know we were among them before the Europeans arrived; we lived among them and shared our myths and rituals in peace with them.

For sure we did not rape them, rob them or enslave them. We did not spread diseases among them that destroyed millions of them, alas, the European diseases were worse than the guns they shot us down with, see E. Franklin Frazier's book Race and Color Contacts in the Modern World.

But we must now get to the endgame, for all things come to an end and we must be astute enough to realize empires come and go and so shall the American Empire. Its run of 400 years was enough for our needs, for sure, we suffered more than enough of chattel slavery and wage slavery, thus we cry for mercy and justice at this hour.

We are in harmony with our ancestors who cry for reparations in the form of land and financial reparations. Four or five states of the United Snakes of America would be sufficient! Free the Land!
There is no reparations without land and sovereignty, e.g., self determination, independence and total freedom!

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