Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A little Black Bird says Oakland and California cities will launch the Black Arts Movement's 27 city tour

A little Black Bird has told Marvin X the people of Oakland will provide him with the necessary financial resources ($2.7 million @ $100,000 per city) to fund his proposed Black Arts Movment's 27 city tour in honor of BAM founder Amiri Baraka.

Known as resourceful, Marvin X has friends in places who have the financial and other resources to make the BAM tour a success. See the March 19-25 issue of the Oakland Post, by Dr. Ayodele Nzinga on the recent BAM conference at University of California, Merced, page 7.

We should acknowledge Merced, California as the first leg of the tour, and let us acknowledge the generous resources that

UC Merced and the people of Merced made available to the BAM conference, produced by graduate student Kim McMillan, in association with Marvin X.

 Marvin X, known as Mr. Resourceful. They say, "Marvin how did you get all those people to participate in your conference?" Answer: "I got on my cell phone and called them!"

 Bay Area living legend, choreographer Linda Johnson, on left, (Val Serrant and Jamali in bg) has signed on to the tour. We can also count on dancer Raynetta Rayzetta, right, to be a part of the BAM tour. Raynetta is Marvin X's favorite dancer as per interpreting his poetry. "Raynetta reads my poetry, then choreographs a movement for my every word. No one has been this precise!"

 Berkeley High B-Tech students visit Exhibit Marvin X in Berkeley. The Bancroft Library at University of California, Berkeley acquired the archives of Marvin X.

A visit to Alameda County Juvenile Hall, cost: $250,000 per inmate per year.

Marvin X with students from Academy of Da Corner, along with Rev. Blandon Reems. Aries and Toya published their own books, after mentoring by Marvin X at his Academy of da Corner, 14th and Broadway, downtown Oakland.Academy of da Corner is also at the Berkeley Flea Market, ASHBY BART station, Saturdays and Sundays. 510-200-4164.

Come meet and greet the author, a living legend of the Black Arts/Black Liberation/Black Studies/Black Students Union movement......

Aries Jordan, student of Marvin X's Academy of da Corner, 14th and Broadway, downtown Oakland.

Oakland Post Publisher, Paul Cobb and Marvin X. They are childhood friends from West Oakland.

Oakland Post Publisher, Paul Cobb, indorses the BAM tour, especially if it will be helpful to young North American African males. If BAM can educate rappers that they can utilize more than three words of the English language, i.e.,  (b...., ho, mf), then there are resources available to make the BAM tour happen, especially here in Oakland and the Bay Area, and throughout California.

Marvin X says the mission of the BAM tour is to pass the baton to the next generation of youth, to redirect them into the positive aspects of the cultural revolution. BAM was about higher consciousness, educational, spiritually healing and the liberation of the human spirit from reactionary mythology and ritual, retrograde ideas that inhibit human and divine progress.

Aside from Oakland, California, Philadelphia PA seems to be generating the energy for the East Coast Black Arts Movement 27 city tour. Brother Maurice Henderson is on the case in Philly.

In sha Allah, the 27 City Black Arts Movment is gonna happen!

For information or booking: call 510-200-4164, jmarvinx@yahoo.com, www.blackbirdpressnews.blogspot.com

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  1. Beautiful work Black Bird, move the struggle to the next level. If not you then who, if not now, when? It is perfect time to but this on the street. The Brothers Keeper might be a excellent collaboration, you think?