Monday, March 10, 2014

In the silence of your mind we hear the dance

are we afraid of silence
TVs on in every room
afraid to be alone
to love the silence in the mind
what is the fear
some monster in the house
white ghost of our horrid past
or present
what is the fear
something in the air
TV on in every room
white mythology invading our space
but we are not crazy we declare
we are cool
so cool
Dr. King said be cool much longer
you end up in the deep freeze
minds frozen
addicted to white magic
white madness
go to the silence
listen to the sound of souls long gone
surely they have answers for you
maybe you don't want to hear
you want to run in your terrible fear
turn the TV off
let the white ghost disappear
let the ancestors speak loud and clear
stop fool right now
stop in the name of love
stand tall together
purify the rooms
where ghosts dance
while you tremble
there is nothing to fear
not the past not the now
not tomorrow
listen to your mind
the mad voices in your head
want you to sing
a happy song
--Marvin X

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