Saturday, March 22, 2014

Marvin X with poet Nancy Mercado

 I am trying to deal with the transition of my very dear friend, AB. If you can help, reach out and touch me. Truly, AB was a friend like no other friend, beyond the beyond!

 Oh, we await the narrative of North American African warrior woman, Amina Baraka--we should not expect to hear from Amina until after the election of her son as Mayor of Newark, NJ Please, do not say anything that the enemies of Ras can use against him.
 Sonia, my favorite poet of all times. Sonia asks a simple question, will your book free us?

Living legend Henry Grimes will perform with Marvin X while he is on the East Coast. Henry is a living legend of the Black Arts Movement. 

We must know Marvin X is a disciple of Amiri Baraka and Sun Ra. So let us flow with the flow of Amiri and Sun Ra, there is no other way to appreciate Amiri, Sun Ra and Marvin X, they are one and the same in the BAM tradition. Marvin X says, "Only when I appreciated Amiri and Sun Ra could I understand the BAM tradition. Amiri provided some of the linguistics but Sun Ra gave us the mythology, ritual and philosophy, lights, sound, costume, make up, dance, music, poetry--yes, Sun Ra gave us the whole enchilada. Sun Ra gave us the narrative for the myth/ritual drama of the Black Arts Movement. Marvin, armies march to music! he told Marvin X. Marvin, he said, stop teaching that freedom to your actors and dancers, they are already free so teach them discipline, that's what I teach to my musicians!

Marvin listened to his Master Teacher Sun Ra, "You so right you wrong! Yes, Marvin, so right ya wrong! Teach discipline, put them in your jail, yes, the Marvin X prison--and they will love you because they know you love them and want only the best of them."

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