Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Violence and Poverty: Ending the Cycle

Most poor people in the world live outside the protection of the law. So who do you call for protection? Not the police!  1. Pandemic of Gender violence between women 15 to 44 years, including sexual assault. 2. Global slavery, 30 million, more than at any time in human history. (And what about the mental slaves, those millions, if not billions addicted to white supremacy?) 3. Police abuse, people run from the police for protection. Police make people less secure. Pretrial detention for money or throw any poor in jail. 4. Theft of land by force, especially widows. See The Locust Effect book. Predatory violence destroys everything in its path. Traditional efforts will not stop the Locusts, will not stop the violence.

Colonial powers established the police to protect them from the poor. The colonial elite and the neocolonial regimes maintained the police for their benefit. In America the police evolved from the slave catchers, clearly, the slave catchers did not benefit the slaves. In Africa, the main employer is private security. ED

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