Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Black Arts Movement and the Cultural Revolution

Do not play with the Black Arts Movement and the cultural revolution. BAM is needed and so must be injected into the culture of North American Africans.

I wish I could be gentle with you, Miller Lite, but I cannot, I must come full strength, Old English 800, no Miller Lite up in here. Your problem is severe, not moderate or mild, so let us not play around.

Manhood and womanhood training is the priority, so let us go there. The African woman knows she is entering womanhood on her first cycle, but when do you know you are entering manhood? She knows she has entered womanhood when she sees blood,  but when do you know you have entered manhood?

We must take you into the manhood ritual training, into the jungle so you can slay the lion, spend the night in the forest, build a house for your wife, no, you don't buy her a house, you build her a house. It is not  about your money but your skills as a man. Please do miss the concept.

After learning all the herbs in the forest, you must walk to town and back, thus is your manhood training. And your woman has a similar task.  She must know the duties of womanhood, wifehood, motherhood.

Her most difficult task is mother of the next generation. Mother spreads culture. She is the one who gives values to the next generation.

Amina Baraka is the Shaman Woman, seek her out to see if she is not the Shaman Woman,
she will tell you all because she knows all and tells  no lies but only gives up truth. No amount of money can divert Amina from telling the truth. Truth is in her face!

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