Friday, March 21, 2014

Marvin X gets drivers license--according to DMV, 1964 was last time he had a license

Marvin X renewed his driver's license today. Yes, this so called Negro has been driving without a license since 1964. Now let's see if he can regain his US citizenship he renounced in 1967 while exiled in Toronto, Canada, protesting the Vietnam war, along with other brothers from the US, including Toronto journalist Norman Richmond.

 Marvin X organized Bay Area Black Writers to celebrate the life of slain journalist Chauncey Bailey
photo Adam Turner/Gene Hazzard

 Marvin X will be in Philadelphia to celebrate the 60th birthday of Mumia Abu Jamal

 Syrian poet/activist Dr. Mohja Kahf and Marvin X when he visited the University of Arkansas
on a speaking tour

 Jah Amiel, Marvin X's grandson, said, "Grandpa, you can't save the world, but I can!"

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