Friday, March 21, 2014

BAM tour update: National support grows for BAM 27 city tour to advance the cultural revolution with the United Front of cultural workers

ASE, Baba Marvin !! Your daughter is the tru business

In white attire: Alase Oba Adefunmi Adejiuyigbe, King of Yoruba African Village, Sheldon, SC
Photo from Black Power Babies, produced by Muhammida el Muhammida,-- Black Power Babies intergenerational discussion, Brooklyn, NY, later Philadelphia PA

Marvin X replies to Alase Oba Adefunmi Adejuyigbe, King of Yoruba African Village

Nefertiti is in Houston, you met my other daughter, Muhammida, producer of the Black Power Babies Conference in Brooklyn and Philadelphia. We must all come together for the cultural revolution. Amiri talked about the United Front. Let us finish our work that your father ignited along with Amiri and so many others. But you, Alase, must step to the front of the line, especially as per manhood and womanhood training, along with the mighty Yoruba mythology and rituals.

Comment from Maurice Henderson, Philadelphia

I just wanted to know if we are going to be working together for Marvin X's  27 city tour for BAM.  I am asking because i want to use my influence and personal contacts for Black Colleges, African-American Studies Programs, Black Librarians and the Association of Black Culture Centers to book engagements of the BAM tour and also develop a Curriculum, Reading List and Outcome Asset Based Measurements for Historical purposes.

Marvin X replies to Maurice Henderson, Philadelphia

We worked with Maurice in Philly when we produced the concert at Warm Daddies: we performed with members of Sun Ra's Arkestra (Marshall Allen, Danny Thompson, Elo, along with Rufus Harley on Bagpipes, Alexander El on drums, Ancestor Goldsky on djembe, Elliot Bey on keyboards. 37 Minutes of Jazz History, album title.

We welcome the support of Maurice Henderson, a Philadelphia cultural worker in the BAM tradition, along with Oakland's Eastside Arts workers Elena Serano and Greg Murozumi, Greg Bridges, Berkeley, Mwalimu of Los Angeles, Geoffery Grier of San Francisco, Dr. Ayodele Nzinga of Oakland, Nefertiti Jackmon, Houston, TX, Bernard Stringer, Atlanta GA, Muhammida El Muhajir, Philly, Eugene Redman, East St. Louis, Umar Bin Hassan, Baltimore. We want to hear from cultural workers in other cities. Send us your thoughts and comments, planning and promotional ideas, possible funding sources, especially from independent North American African persons and institutions.--Marvin X, Planner

The Black Arts Movement Poets Choir and Arkestra, after a performance at the BAM Conference, University of California, Merced, Feb 20 thru March 2, 2014

The BAM Poets Choir and Arkestra is now booking nationwide. Call 510-200-4164 for fees and dates available

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