Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Black Panther Elder Freeman Joins Ancestors--All Power to the People!

Ah, we remember Elder Freeman. As I recall, he was one of the Panthers who showed us the inside of the building where the Panthers had a shootout with the L.A. police in 1969. It was a bullet riddled space wherein the Panthers had held off the LAPD for several hours. We were on a tour of Los Angeles during our fight to teach at Fresno State University. Gov. Ronald Reagan had removed Angela Davis from UCLA and myself. During this time I was also shown the BSU meeting room on the campus of UCLA where Black Panthers Bunchy Carter and John Huggins were murdered by members of the US organization, no doubt inspired by COINTELPRO. Elder Freeman talked about his role in the BPP in several documentaries. We worked with him in the Bay Area on many community projects. He was, in short, a true trooper! Thank you, Elder Freeman, for your revolutionary work!
--Marvin X


For Those Of You Who Missed Meeting With Elder Freeman In Harlem During This Past Weekend's Annual Black Panther Party Film Festival; Please check out the below interview with this comrade who joined the L.A. Branch of the Southern California BPP Chapter in 1967. 

55 min - Sep 1, 2014 - Uploaded by BlackThoughtsSurrounded101
7/5/2014 Block Report Radio Lifelong Freedom Fighter and former member of the Black ...

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